The Products


PV Module

We use ANTARIS ASM series 5” high performance monocrystaline modules which have been shown under test conditions to achieve the equivalent of 99% of an expected energy yield of 100%.
The modules are Micro Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited.  This accreditation is required for the Feed – In tariff to be eligible.
The ANTARIS SOLAR AS M series has a 12 year product warranty which is unique in the industry. 





The Inverters we typically use are SMA or Danfoss.  The inverter model and type vary from project to project due to the fact that they are selected to best suit the proposed performance requirements of each individual site requirements.





Mounting System

As a standard we use high quality German engineered Solar Mounting systems from Schletter.                            
The mounting frames are designed as modular systems from universally usable high  quality components (aluminium / stainless steel), and permit simple sleek installation.